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Raindrops are falling (hijack)
The rain kept falling as Jack and Hiccup ran down the street near the park. Jack chuckled, but Hiccup didn’t enjoy the weather at all.
“Jack, it’s not funny!”
“It is!” the taller boy replied with a grin.
“We are going to get sick…” Hiccup kept complaining. He didn’t fancy being all soaked and wet, even though it was summer and hot most of the time.
“Stop whining princess! Take this if it helps.” Jack pulled off his hoodie and gave it to Hiccup. He had a T-shirt under his hoodie; he wouldn’t get cold, especial not in this heat. Besides, Hiccup sounded like he needed it more.
“Jack, put on your clothes! You will get wet in no time!” Apparently, Jack couldn’t make Hiccup happy right now. He looked around and his eyes found what he looked for. He grabbed Hiccups arm and pulled him with him. He stopped under a big tree in the park they would have to cross anyways.
Jack was still laughing.
:iconheart-berry:Heart-Berry 35 11
Cuddle time (Hijack)
For every step Jack walked, he regretted the fact that he had convinced Hiccup to watch a horror movie with him a little bit more. It had taken some time to make him say yes, Jack had begged for five days. Hiccup hadn’t really seemed scared before the killer in the movie had eaten half of the brain of one of the teenagers in the movie. But since that scene, Jack’s smaller boyfriend had held his hand and hugged his arm tight. Now as they were walking home in the warm summer night, Hiccup still hadn’t let go of his hand, and every time they heard a noise, his grip got even tighter. Jack wouldn’t complain though, it was nice to actually be able to help his boyfriend for once.
“It’s alright, freckles, I’m here. Nothing is going to happen...” He tried to make Hiccup feel more comfortable, they still had quite a bit to walk before they ended up at Jack’s house. “I will never in my life watch such a movie with you again Jack Frost
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Waterbender girl by Heart-Berry Waterbender girl :iconheart-berry:Heart-Berry 1 0 Blue Kitty by Heart-Berry Blue Kitty :iconheart-berry:Heart-Berry 3 2 Waterbender by Heart-Berry Waterbender :iconheart-berry:Heart-Berry 1 0 Equestria Girls Heart Berry! by Heart-Berry Equestria Girls Heart Berry! :iconheart-berry:Heart-Berry 2 0 Hiccup by Heart-Berry Hiccup :iconheart-berry:Heart-Berry 1 0 Pony girls! by Heart-Berry Pony girls! :iconheart-berry:Heart-Berry 2 0 Baby Toothless! by Heart-Berry Baby Toothless! :iconheart-berry:Heart-Berry 2 1
Night times on Berk
Night times on Berk
It was late on Berk, the sun had set and most people on Berk had gone to sleep, but not Hiccup. Hiccup was still working even though it was late now. Gobber had left for an hour ago, but Hiccup needed to fix some of Toothless’ gear. Some of it was broken after their flight in the snowstorm a few days ago. Since that day, the big dragon hadn’t been quit as anxious to get out. He still loved walking a bit and rolling in the snow, but he didn’t want to fly while it was snowing, and since they lived on Berk, he would have to wait a long time. Not that Hiccup didn’t understand Toothless, the weird boy they had met freaked both of them out, no doubt. The worst thing about it was that they couldn’t be sure where this Jack dude was. He had appeared out of thin air, and disappeared the same way.
All this had bothered Hiccup since the winter spirit, as he claimed he was, had taken off with a smile and vanished.  The sound of Jack’s lau
:iconheart-berry:Heart-Berry 28 20


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Guardian Chapter 6
Hiccup awoke with a jolt the next morning, his chest heaving, heart threatening to beat right out of his chest, his face, neck, and back covered in sweat, thin streams of wetness trailing from the corners of his eyes down his cheeks. He breathed heavily and lay his head back down, fighting the urge to cry as the old familiar nightmare played through his head, still painfully vivid before his mind's eye. It had been four days since he'd had that nightmare, which was three and a half days longer than his last respite, a small part of him had actually dared to hope the nightmare had finally decided to stop tormenting him...what a wonderful pipe-dream that had been. Sunlight was just starting to trickle into Hiccup's room as he lay there, focusing on controlling his breathing and keeping his eyes wide open until he couldn't feel his pulse in his eyes anymore.
Bringing his hands up to run his palms against his eyes, his right arm giving a small twinge in protest, Hiccup shifted into a sitti
:iconcyxandrix:CyXandrix 29 180
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Heart-Berry's Profile Picture
Emilie Florentine
Artist | Hobbyist
Well, Hello!

I'm not really sure about what I should write or what you want to know, but I guess, that if you are reading this you want to know about me, right?

I'm from Denmark (yay), I speak Danish, English, German and very little Spanishl. My name is Emilie, and I got it from my great grandmother, who was from Germany. I'm 19 years old. My parents are divorced. I have a lot of pets, but my Hedgie, my hamster and my snake are my faves <3

I'm a pretty big fan of My little pony, Glee, Ghost Adventures, the legend of Korra, Disney and DreamWorks animation movies.

I upload A LOT of unfinished drawings, and some of them actually is done. I guess I should pull myself together, sorry for that guys ._.

Well.. I don't have more to say for now, so really awkwardly I'm going to end this..


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